Defeat of the Born Alive Act

The U.S. Senate voted on and defeated a law that would mandate that a child that survives an abortion attempt must be treated as a human being and be given proper medical care.

This raises an interesting question. I have read that when shown a sonogram of their baby, many women seeking an abortion actually change their minds. Well, in the born alive instance, she is not looking at a sonogram, but the real thing. What if she too, changes her mind?

I imagine a case. Sally goes  to the abortion clinic for a late term abortion. For whatever reason, the baby ends up outside her womb and still alive. She presumably has a choice – keep it or dispose of it – have it killed.

Now I imagine she decides at that moment to keep it. But what if as she finally leaves the clinic with her newborn, she changes her mind again? Will it be all right to then take the baby and kill it? What if she gets home with it, then decides it’s really just too much? Can she take her baby back to the abortion clinic and have it disposed of? Or can she just toss it in the garbage? How about a month afterward? A year? Is there a cut-off date? If so, what is the rationale for defining a cut off date? Anyone?

The amorality of the nay voters in the U.S. Senate is mind-boggling – and frightening.


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