Why blog? For me it is partly a desire to share thoughts in order to better learn and a desire to learn in order to better share. But the real impetus for this blog is prompted by the fact that the world is increasingly complex economically, politically, culturally, and morally.

If people are to remain a free in such a world, then they must be able to make competent decisions about economic, political, cultural and moral issues issues as they arise and change.

The question is, is it possible for ordinary people of no great expertise and many distractions to find reasonable answers for a complex world? This blog is an attempt to  show that the answer is yes. I believe so because I believe that:

  • We must if we are to be a good and free people,
  • It does not take high IQs or fancy education to do so,
  • It does take the courage to accept facts we wish were not true

Another reason for this blog is to atone for years of being a Bad Citizen. For more on my life as a Bad Citizen and what a Good Citizen ought to be, read “Confessions of a Bad Citizen.”

When an issue arises and I find myself tripping over it or reacting in a knee-jerk way based on my preconceptions, then I try and force myself to Stop and Think about it. And that is what I believe a Good Citizen must try and do.

It is often helpful to start with some basic truths often well expressed in famous quotes. But it is also important to have some idea of the characteristics we should see in a good and healthy society so that we have some sort of yardstick or template for measuring the efficacy of various ideas. Here is my effort to define a Healthy Society.


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