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Truth in American Education

“Fighting to stop the Common Core state standards, their assessments and student data mining.” Of interest because I’ve come to believe that the creation of DOE was a really bad idea and that Common Core is an even worse one.

Hillsdale College

“Hillsdale offers an education designed to equip human beings for self-government”
Larry P. Arnn – President, Hillsdale College

From Wikipedia: “Hillsdale College is a private, conservative Christian college in Hillsdale, Michigan, United States. According to its website, its liberal arts curriculum is based on the Western heritage as a product of both the Greco-Roman culture and the Judeo-Christian tradition.”

Hillsdale also offers Free Online Courses.

Judicial Watch

Motto: “Because no one is above the law” Judicial Watch uses the open records or freedom of information laws and other tools to investigate and uncover misconduct by government officials and litigation to hold to account politicians and public officials who engage in corrupt activities.

Media Research Center

Our Mission: “To Create a Media Culture in America Where Truth and Liberty Flourish”
MRC’s sole mission is to expose and neutralize the propaganda arm of the Left: the national news media. This makes the MRC’s work unique within the conservative movement. Quick look at output: MRC Press Releases.

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute (LI) is a 501 non-profit in Arlington, Virginia that teaches “political technology.” Founded in 1979 by its president, Morton C. Blackwell, LI provides training in campaigns, fundraising, grassroots organizing, youth politics, and communications. The Institute teaches conservatives of all ages how to succeed in politics, government, and the media.

Capital Research Center

Capital Research Center is an American conservative non-profit organization and watchdog group located in Washington, D.C. It was founded in 1984 by Willa Johnson “to study non-profit organizations, with a special focus on reviving the American traditions of charity, philanthropy, and voluntarism.” Wikipedia

The Capital Research Center was established in 1984 to examine how foundations, charities, and other nonprofits spend money and get involved in politics and advocacy, often in ways that donors never intended and would find abhorrent. See CRC articles & videos.

I Can’t Believe It

A blog of a gentleman named Barry Hopewell who ponders “Problems of Today, Ideas for Tomorrow”